Town Office Staff Availability


With the COVID19 State of Emergency there has been some confusion that the town office is closed and not working at all.  Although there has been a major disruption to routines and how business is conducted, like many of you, we are working harder than ever through these inconveniences. Everyone is impacted in different ways whether in their work life or in their personal life.  The town office staff is not immune to that.  The staff is working staggered shifts to accomplish their job functions while respecting their health and the safety of others. When there are instances when your phone call is not being answered directly, I strongly encourage you to leave a message with the party you are trying to reach. If a staff member is not in the office, they are still receiving their emails and phone messages and returning them promptly. 

There is a staff member who has been unavoidably unavailable for work recently.  If you have emailed or left a phone message for the Pam Ross, Town Clerk at ext. 101 recently you may not have received a prompt reply.  For that we apologize and have taken measures to address that.

The remaining office staff availability and contact information is:                               

Melissa Halsey, Deputy Clerk, Mon & Wed, 8:30-12, ext. 102,

Nicole Briand, Planning & Development, by appointment, ext. 108,

Eli Rubin, Finance/Gen Assistance, Mon-Fri, 8:30-4 and by appiontment, ext. 106,

Darren Carey, Assessing agent/Code enforcement, by appointment, ext. 107,

Thomas Woodin, Town Manager, Mon & Wed, 8:30-12 or by appointment, ext. 103,