Update – Bowdoinham’s Fiber Optic Internet project:

Work continues to bring fiber optic internet to over 200 homes in the most rural portions of Bowdoinham that currently do not have access to high speed broadband. The project will entail 25 miles of fiber optic broadband cable to be installed on utility poles on portions of the following roads:

Batchelder Rd.,


Cranberry Way,


Hatch Point Lane,


River Rd.,

Beechnut Ridge,


Dingley Rd.,


Hunter Lane,


S. Pleasant St.,

Carding Machine Rd.,


Eagle Wing Lane,


Island View Lane,


Wallace Way,

Carlson Cross Rd.,


Fiddlehead Lane,


Pioneer Rd.,


White Rd.


Unfortunately, there have been a few events beyond our control that have delayed the project:

Consolidated Communications Inc (CCI) and CMP must complete work on approx. 88 utility poles in the Bowdoinham fiber build area. The storm last fall caused significant damage throughout Maine resulting in a backlog of work for CCI crews. We had hoped that CCI would be done by the end of Jan., but it now appears that they will not be finished until the end of Feb.  As soon as Consolidated crews are finished with the pole attachment work, LCI can begin attaching the fiber optic lines on over 700 poles in preparation for broadband installation to individual homes.


On the plus side:

The delay has allowed the LCI engineers time to take another look at the network design and make upgrades that will result in an even more robust and reliable “active” fiber network for Bowdoinham.



  • If CCI completes its work by Feb 29th,  LCI can begin attaching fiber to the poles at that time.
  • We currently have over 100 signed applications waiting for service.


The first round of individual home installations should begin in Mid-March and be completed by Mid-May.


We apologize for this unavoidable delay – but it is essential that the LCI fiber optic network meets the highest technical and engineering standards possible.  By doing this painstaking prep work now, as well as extensive network testing in the LCI Central Distribution Facility, we can ensure that you will have blazing fast, reliable and affordable fiber optic broadband service for many years to come.


Alan Hinsey, LCI Director of Sales, and Matt Hurley, LCI Project Manager, will be updating the Bowdoinham Select Board at their March 10th meeting.   Please feel free to attend - Alan and Matt will stick around after the update presentation to answer any questions from residents.  


Thank you for your patience.