Warming Centers

Bowdoinham Fire/Rescue will be open 5-10pm tonight, December 23rd and will reopen 7am-4pm on December 24th.


Notice from Sagadahoc County Emergency Services:


A Warming Center is a facility that has been opened for short term operations due to a specific emergency or event. They are normally opened when temperatures or a combination of precipitation, wind chill, wind and temperatures have or may become dangerous. Their paramount purpose is the prevention of death and injury related to exposure to the elements. Warming centers can help stranded motorists, or residents that have lost critical services. Some warming centers may provide limited food, showers, charging stations and places to rest.

To view a list of warming centers (once opened and available), visit: https://www.maine.gov/mema/response-recovery/mass-care or call 2-1-1 Maine.

Maine Emergency Management Agency (MEMA)