Tips from the Recycling Barn

Tips from the Recycle Barn




 - Please do not combine mixed paper and mixed recyclables (commingled containers) in the same bag. The mixed paper we bale and sell, but the mixed recyclables are shipped out of Town, at a significant cost, to be sorted. Having the paper properly separated from the mixed recyclables saves the staff from doing that job and helps keep the cost of our program down. Also, please take care there is no plastic included in your mixed paper bag, or film plastic (plastic bags, etc.) included in your mixed recyclables bags, even if the film plastic has a recycling triangle and a recycling number on it. We have been unable to find a market for film plastic, although both Hannaford and Shaw’s supermarkets accept plastic shopping bags, and presumably recycle them.

  - Please try to leave bags for curbside pickup within six to eight feet of the roadway. This makes it easier for the drivers to spot the bags, and saves them steps getting the bags to the truck. On stormy winter days when the roads are being plowed it's advisable, if possible, to hang on to your bags until the next pickup day.

  - Another good way to help keep the cost of our program down is to be sure your recycling bags are full when you set them curbside. The Town pays our curbside hauler by the bag for recyclables pickup, and a half-full bag costs as much as a full one. Filling the large translucent (clear?) blue Bowdoinham Recycling bags (available at the Bowdoinham Country Store and the Town Office will save you money for bags and the Town money for pickup. If you don't use the Town bags however, any clear bag will do.

  - Be sure your recycling (and trash) bags are securely tied, so that the contents won't blow out of the hauler's open truck.

 - For detailed information about material separation, curbside pickup details, materials acceptable at the Barn, etc., visit the Town's website (, click on the Town government page, then to Solid Waste and Recycling to find the Solid Waste Guidelines. The Guidelines are also available in paper form at both the Town Office and the Recycling Barn. Further questions can be directed to the Solid Waste Manager, Bryson Benson at 666-3328.




  - Identification decals for Town residents who use the Recycling Barn are now available at both the Town Office and the Recycling Barn. Your vehicle registration or a utility bill will be required for proof of residency. The program has been instituted to make sure that only Bowdoinham residents use the Barn.




   -The Recycling Barn is now accepting all types of paint - latex as well as oil-based - at no charge.


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