Cemetery Advisory Committee

M. Elaine Diaz
Term Expires: 06/30/2022
Cassandra Hensley
Term Expires: 06/30/2022
Patrick James O'Hanlon
Term Expires: 6/30/2024
Linda Temple
Term Expires: 06/30/2024
Samuel Tome
Term Expires: 06/30/2022
Linda Williams
Term Expires: 06/30/2024

The Cemetery Advisory Committee meets on the 1st Monday of the month at 4:30 PM

Contact: Tobey Frizzle, Public Works Foreman                                                                                                                                                                                       

Email :pworks@bowdoinham.com
Phone: 207-666-3503 Fax: 207-666-5532


Bowdoinham Historical Society has an online database of Bowdoinham Cemeteries at www.bowdoinhamhistoricalsociety.org/cemetery-search.


Harward Family Cemetery