Burn Permits

A burning permit is REQUIRED for any outdoor burning, the only exceptions are for outdoor grills and fireplaces used for recreational purposes such as cooking. 

Burn permits may be obtained in person at the Town Office during regular business hours.

Burn permits may be obtained online at:

The Maine Forest Service generates a daily wildfire danger report beginning in early spring and continuing until the first wide spread snow in the fall. This report is usually issued at 9:00am daily and is based on current as well as expected weather and wind conditions. This data combined with readings from a network of sensors throughout Maine allows them to categorize the day based on the National Fire Danger Rating System. This is a color coded system and what you commonly see on fire stations throughout Maine.

  • Green = low fire danger
  • Blue = moderate fire danger
  • Yellow = high fire danger 
  • Orange = very high fire danger
  • Red = extreme fire danger

Any day coded as a yellow or higher means no burning is allowed and permits will not be issued.  Since the fire danger changes from day to day permits are typically only issued for the actual day you are burning and you will find that neither website will allow a permit to be issued until the State has declared the fire class day.