Bowdoinham Visitor's Guide

Please use the link below to view/download the Visitor's Guide (PDF).

The Visitor's Guide gives you a glimpse of our wonderful community and the amazing natural resources in Bowdoinham.   We are very lucky to call Bowdoinham our home and we look forward to sharing this beautiful place with you.  We hope you enjoy Bowdoinham as much as we do!

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We would like to acknowledge the following for their great work:

Direct Display Publishing Co. Inc for creating this Visitor's Guide.

Lynn Spiro & the Community Development Advisory Committee for coordinating the effort.

Heather and Tony Cox for being our editors.

Tony Cox for writing Welcome to Bowdoinham and Bowdoinham Community School

Betsy Steen for writing History of Bowdoinham

Peggy Muir for writing 250th Anniversary of Bowdoinham

Lee Parker for writing Bowdoinham Arts & Crafts

George Christopher for writing Bowdoinham Agriculture

Stephen Bunn for writing Bowdoinham Woodworking

Ed Friedman for writing The Importance of Merrymeeting Bay and Unique Inhabitants of Merrymeeting Bay

Frank Burroughs for writing Hunting on Merrymeeting Bay and Fishing on Merrymeeting Bay

Brooke Cox for writing Bowdoinham Recreation

John McMullen for writing Bowdoinham Boating

Brad Foley for writing Bowdoinham Walk, Bike or Paddle

Valerie Chiang for writing Bowdoinham Snowmobiling

Jen Foley for writing Bowdoinham Smelting

Bryce Muir-Gallery Muir, Jane Page-Conway-Fine Art Photography, Tony Cox and Slade Moore for their incredible photography

Thank you very much to all!