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Handout | Planning Board | 2024-02-22
R02-064 Tier III Site Inventory & Analysis
Handout | Select Board | 2024-02-27
R02-052 License Application_0.pdf
Other | Finance Advisory Committee | 2024-02-15
Auto Excise Worksheet_02-01-24.pdf FY25 Estimated Revenue_02-05-24.pdf Revenue Sharing_02-05-23.pdf TextMyGov.pdf
Meeting Agenda | Finance Advisory Committee | 2024-02-15
2-15-24 Agenda
Meeting Minutes | Select Board | 2024-01-23
Select Board Minutes 1-23-2024
FAC Minutes_01-18-23.pdf FAC Minutes_02-01-23.pdf FAC Minutes_02-15-23.pdf FAC Minutes_03-01-23.pdf FAC Minutes_03-15-23.pdf FAC Minutes_03-29-23.pdf FAC Minutes_04-05-23.pdf FAC Minutes_04-26-23.pdf FAC Minutes_10-17-23-approved.pdf FAC Minutes_10-27-22.pdf FAC Minutes_11-16-23-approved.pdf FAC Minutes_11-17-22.pdf FAC Minutes_12-08-22-amended.pdf FAC Minutes_12-14-23-approved.pdf
Handout | Comprehensive Planning Committee | 2024-02-28
Draft 2024 Comprehensive Plan
Meeting Agenda | Comprehensive Planning Committee | 2024-02-28
Public Hearing Agenda_0.pdf
Handout | Comprehensive Planning Committee | 2024-02-28
Comp Plan Factsheet.pdf
Meeting Agenda | Comprehensive Planning Committee | 2024-02-28
Public Hearing Agenda.pdf
Meeting Minutes | Comprehensive Planning Committee | 2024-01-09
1-9-24 Approved Minutes
Brick Island Mooring Application
Brick Island Mooring Application
Outer Harbor Mooring Application
Outer Harbor Mooring Application
Other | Select Board | 2024-02-13
Item 6.A _ March 5 Election Clerk Appointment.pdf Item 6.B_ March 5 Warden and Deputy Registrar Appointments.pdf Item 6.C_ MDOT Planning Study Grant.pdf Item 6.D_ MDOT Bicycle-Pedistrian Program Grant.pdf Item 6.E_ Town Office Reserve Request.pdf Item 6.F_Health Insurance Renewal.pdf Item 7.A Solid Waste Recycling FY25 Contracts.pdf
Meeting Agenda | Select Board | 2024-02-13
Meeting Agenda | -- None -- | 2024-03-01
test doc 1.pdf test doc 2.pdf
Meeting Agenda | Advisory Committee on Age-Friendly Bowdoinham | 2024-02-12
Presidential Primary: Sample Ballots
Democratic Primary Ballot Republic Primary Ballot
Handout | Select Board | 2024-02-13
R02-052 License Application.pdf R02-052 Memo.pdf
Other | Comprehensive Planning Committee | 2024-02-13
2024 Comp Plan DRAFT v.1 (compressed file size).pdf
Meeting Agenda | Comprehensive Planning Committee | 2024-02-13
01-09-2024 CPC Minutes Draft.docx 2-13-24 agenda.docx Factsheet 2024 Comp Plan.docx Fiscal Section.pdf Public Facilities Section.pdf Public Hearing Agenda Draft - 2024-02-28.docx Regional Coordination and Public Participation Sections DRAFT.pdf Seal Level & Climate Change Section.pdf
Bowdoinham Cemetery Inventory
Bowdoinham Cemetery Inventory Appendix A -by GR# Bowdoinham Cemetery Inventory Appendix A -by Road Bowdoinham Cemetery Inventory Appendix A -Alphabetically
Meeting Agenda | Planning Board | 2024-02-22
Amended Agenda v.2
Meeting Minutes | Planning Board | 2024-02-22
2-22-24 Agenda.docx 7-27-23 Minutes DRAFT_2.pdf 8-24-23 Minutes Draft.docx 10-26-23 Minutes Draft.docx 11-30-23 Minutes Draft.pdf 12-28-23 minutes draft.docx
Other | Planning Board | 2024-02-22
Article 2 -Hearing Draft.docx Article 4 -Hearing Draft.docx Article 5 -Hearing Draft.docx Article 9 -Hearing Draft.docx LUO Administrative Amendments.docx