Ackers Acres Disc Golf

Open Daily 7:00A.M. Until Dusk 7 days a week all year round.

$5.00 a round or $8.00 for the day.

When you pay for the day you may use the recreation area, horseshoes, volley ball, grills and picnic tables.

About Us: We are very fortunate to have a beautiful piece of land, approximately 60 acres, that we have no interest in developing. After thousands of dollars, and thousands of hours of hard physical work, by us and our good friends Bob and Bev Wallace, we have a disc golf course and an even prettier piece of land. The course encompasses about 20 acres of mostly mature forest with fairways blazed through. It is a beautiful walk through the woods and some open areas.

Also, we are not just a disc golf course. We have hosted many weddings, anniversaries, company parties etc. in our recreationa" field abutting the course. We provide picnic tables, bbq grills and other services in order for people to make a day of it if they wish. Hope to see you.

The Course: We have 30 holes, 2 courses with 4'x8' cement T-pads a small club house with snacks and drinks available. Discs to rent, or buy and disc bags, shirts and more.

The front course is a par 69 with 5373' of fairways, which we groom and make improvements on almost daily, the longest being 582' and the shortest 190'. A few holes are on up hill slopes or visa versa. Most are on somewhat level ground. Picnic tables are placed here and there around the course for taking a break and/or visiting with your friends or families. Two porta potties are located in strategic locations so that no one has to go too far without that convenience.

We have completed 12 new holes known as the "Twisted Twelve." The course is a par 72 with 6091 ft. of fairways You start on Hole 11 of the front course, play 11,12, 13, as holes 1, 2, 3, then break off to the "Twisted Twelve," come out and finish on 16,17, and 18 of the front for an 18 hole course. The Twelve holes feature a 700' hole, a winding 600' hole and a 466' hole with some shorties thrown in too! We think they are really pretty holes and are still making improvements all the time. Barbara and I and Bob and Bev graciously appreciate any constructive criticism and suggestions, as it is our goal to make this course one of the very best, safest and most friendly for you all to enjoy. We are happy to have the opportunity to share what we have with you.

Street Address

180 Dingley Road




Barbara Acker