Historic Rail and Abagadasset Public Land

As this patch of public land is large, we have separated it into four parts that can be seen in the Easy Print-Out Guide. This patch of public land spans from the head of the Abagadasset to River Road between Bowdoinham's historic railway and the river, and it provides one of the only public access points to the upper Abagadasset. In the Northernmost patch, an old east-west traveling road from the 1800s crosses this public land and makes for easy entrance from the North-South portion of River Rd., but you should not park on this road through Stonecipher Farm.

2nd from top: This patch of land is covered in coniferous canopies. In Summer and Winter, the call of a a great horned owl can be heard coming from the trees, and the land is rich with the sound of birds. The terrain, however, can get rocky, and the forest is denser here than in other places along the Abagadasset. The land may only be suited to those who are comfortable climbing up steep surfaces.

3rd from top: This section of the Historic Rail and Abagadasset Public Land varies from grassy to bare, covered by coniferous canopies. The land is easily navigated, and it is the perfect place to bird, stalk wildlife, or get lost. Reaching the Abagadasset from this land is difficult as the land gets very muddy, however, staying within the boundaries of the river and the train-tracks proves to be quite an adventurous yet straight foreword trek.

Southernmost section: Accessible from River Rd directly, this piece of public land is best used as a canoe put in for its proximity to the Abagadasset. Be aware, the land turns very muddy at low tide; time your canoe and kayak put in and take outs with the tides. This land crosses over River Rd. south along the bridge where you will find a canoe put-in.

Hours: None – Always Open to The Public

Parking: Please avoid parking on historic east-west throughways as doing such could impede on local agriculture businesses, but parking along the North-South portion of River Road is possible. Parking along the East West Portion of River Road is preferred, and there is a spot for 3-4 cars to fit as it crosses the railway.

Activities: Summer – Hiking, Bird Watching, Swimming, Canoe Put In (See Map), Tracking, Exploring

Winter – Snowshoeing

Don't Miss: 

  • The old mill on the Abagadasset
  • Waterfall at the head of the Abagadasset
  • Historic Railway (from a distance)

Good to Know:

  • Although trains rarely pass, the railway is considered active so please use caution
  • Downed lines you see are telegraph lines, and they are a rich part of Maine's history in communication with Europe before telephones
  • Public access ways crosscut farms so always seek communication with farmers before using their driveways
  • MDIFW signs mark the Northernmost portion of this Public Land

Open fires and camping are not permitted at this location.

Directions to Historic Rail and Abagadasset Public Land

Easy Print-Out Guide