MSAD 75 Board of Directors Policy Committee Meeting

Event Location

Room 88 - Mt. Ararat High School

M.S.A.D. No 75 Board of Directors 

Board Policy Committee

March 28, 2024meeting agenda 

ISSUED:                  February 22, 2024, 2024 {issue date}


TO:                             Policy Committee:            


                                                Ryan Larsen, Chair of Policy Committee       

                                                Brandy Robertson

                                                Gregory Greenleaf

                                                Haley Kulas

                                                Kim Pacelli

                                                Mary Hobson

                                                Mike Timberlake


FROM:                     District Office


TOPIC:                     Board Policy Committee meeting

                                    Thursday, March 28th, 2024

                                    5-6:20 p.m.  

Note ending time of meeting.

Note location of this meeting. 


Room 088 - Mt. Ararat High School 





                      {1}       Review Policy Tracking document


                        {2}      Discuss additional “working” meeting times for remainder of year


                        {3}      Policy BDA – Board Election of Officers


                        {4}      Policy JHCE – School Based Health Center


                        {5}      Policy BDE – Board Committees