Open Farm & Studio Day

Event Location

Farms & Studios in Bowdoinham with PM concert at Mailly Waterfront Park
Open Farm & Studio Day, is a celebration of Bowdoinham’s strong farming and artisan community. It is a day where farmers and artisans’ welcome visitors to their businesses to teach them about their practice. Public offerings vary from offering tours and demonstration, to exhibits, demonstrations, and sales. 
Open Farm Day is celebrated statewide on the fourth Sunday of July and Bowdoinham is one of very few towns in Maine to organize its own town wide event. This has been going on since at least 2012. Further, the Town started a separate Open Studio Day in 2014. The events have been combined for the past few years. The bond between the two communities is strong with many farms have welcomed artists to open pop-up shops at their farms.

In the evening there will be a Food Pantry benefit dinner and a free concert from 4-7pm featuring Rough Sawn at the Mailly Waterfront Park. 

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