Removal of Roadside Vegetation

Road Work Ahead

Many of you may have noticed our Public Work crews diligently working along Bowdoinham’s many roadsides cutting trees and removing vegetation. 

The removal of vegetation growing along the sides of the roads is a vital part of maintaining our roads. Vegetation not only blocks driver’s views of oncoming traffic, street signs as well as wildlife and individuals on the side of the road it also hinders proper drainage, roots a can break up and cause damage to the tar.  In the colder months vegetation can shade parts of the road which can cause ice to form, making it hard for crews to keep roads clear.  Bottom line clearing away vegetation helps keep our roads safer and healthier.

Crews are currently working on the most problematic areas and then will begin systematically clearing road by road as long as the weather permits.

FYI: Public Road right of ways normally average 50 feet, this means the right of way could extend 10 to 15 feet from the edge of the road.  Crews will be clearing within this right of way.


Road Work Ahead