What’s new for 2024 in Maine:

What’s new for us here in Maine:

  1. We have a new state butterfly to go with our Moose, Black-Capped Chickadee, Maine Coon Cat, Honeybee, and Landlocked Salmon.  Please welcome the Pink-Edged Sulphur to the symbols that represent Maine
  2. Minimum wage in Maine is now $14.15 per hour. Tipped workers rise to $7.08 per hour, not counting tips. Portland, the city's minimum wage is now $15 per hour. Need a new poster?
  3. Peace officers will now be required to carry Naloxone (Narcan).
  4. Boater education course is now required for anyone born after 1999 before operating a motorboat of 25 horsepower or more on state or territorial waters.
  5. Along with ensuring all plant materials are removed from their boat; boaters must now also drain all water from their boat prior to going to another lake or pond to prevent transporting invasive aquatic species.
  6. Eligibility for the "Childcare Affordability Program" has been expanded from 85 percent of the state's median income for a family of four -- about $84,000 per year -- to 125 percent -- about $123,000.
  7. Campfires that exceed 3 feet in height and diameter now require a fire permit.  This one actually started in October, but since getting cold outside (finally) it is a good reminder.
  8. Snowmobile riders will need to learn what this new sign means. 


January  is National Poverty Awareness Month. One of the best ways to help out is to donate to a legitimate charity.

January is also National Blood Donor Month. The blood community encourages eligible Americans to donate blood in January and to make regular appointments to donate throughout the year. Please contact one of the following organizations to find a local blood collection site and to schedule an appointment:


January is National Radon Action Month.  The aim of National Radon Action Month is to increase the public's awareness of radon, promote radon testing and mitigation, and advance the use of radon-resistant new construction practices. Besides, we want your home to be safe as well so we can see you back next week!