Bay Road Public Land

Welcome to the Bay Road patches of public land!

This section of public land has some of the most interesting vegetation of all the public land in Bowdoinham. Don't let the heavy brush along Bay Rd. fool you; the woods get much easier to navigate once you make it past the plants that are fighting for the sunlight that the road clearing provides. Despite not having clear trails during the summer, the winter and frozen grounds open up much of the area saturated with water to be hiked, explored, and hunted. The Cathance side of this public land is difficult to access during summer, but easier to get to in colder weather, this public land is a valuable place for hunters to track game along the Cathance River. Depending on the season, a trail through the adjacent public land off of Bay Rd. leads to this portion of land. Here, a skilled hunter or trails-person wouldn't want to miss a chance at stalking their prey, spotting birds, or just getting lost on the right day.

Hours: None – Always Open to The Public

Parking: Parking along Cedar Ln. may be preferable to parking along Bay Rd, but it is possible nonetheless. There is a portion of land that crosses the drainage lane along the side of the road and allows for a car to park.

Activities: Due to the rougher terrain, activities such as Birding, Hiking, or Snowshoeing are recommended to experienced hikers/hunters who may already be familiar with the terrain. Snowmobile tracks cross the land in the winter, so an explorer on foot may want to wear high vis clothing. For the casual adventurer, trails close to Bay Road are evident, but they disappear as you walk Southwest.

Good to Know:

  • Rough terrain
  • Unmarked trails deeper into the land
  • Some ground holds precipitation turning the land into a marsh during the summer
  • Many downed trees
  • This land is cut in half by non-public powerline land. Be aware when crossing from one patch of land to the other

Open fires and camping are not permitted at this location. 

Directions to Bay Road Public Land

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