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Services: General Contracting - New Home Building - Renovation - Net Zero Energy Homes - Passive House (passivhaus) - Timber Frames

Founded in 2006 and rooted in Maine’s long history of craft, we apply traditional principles of quality and detail to modern high performance buildings. We build custom homes and renovations with care that are super energy efficient and are made with environmentally conscious products and processes. We guide you through our collaborative process with designers and trusted subcontractors to ensure your beautiful home is healthy, sustainable, and will last for generations.

Current industry standard building practices needlessly harm the environment and occupant health, and waste precious resources and their owners’ money. We started Emerald Builders to craft a company that provides clients with energy efficient, eco-conscious, and healthy homes that will last for generations. We do this by our diligent focus on key aspects of the building process.

Our foundation for building is to make your home ready to produce all the energy it needs with renewable energy like solar power. Even if you choose not to install a renewable energy system your home will be incredibly efficient and have lower energy costs than a conventional home. We base our methodology on the principles of passive house (passivhaus) design including air tightness, super insulation, and proper design for maximum solar gain.

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