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Gallant Real Estate serves a diverse range of clients in various Maine communities. We represent both Buyers and Sellers regardless of the property type, or whether it’s a luxurious property or more modest one. Providing inclusivity is an essential aspect of being a successful and client-focused real estate agency. Having a diverse range of experience also helps us navigate the complexities of the market and provide well-rounded advice and services.

The agents at Gallant Real Estate bring a wide array of expertise, skill, and knowledge to the process of listing and selling real estate. We also provide a unique perspective by acknowledging the emotional significance that each transaction holds for our clients, whether it's buying a first home; selling a long-time family property; or purchasing a second home or investment property. Providing support and understanding beyond the transactional aspects makes a significant difference in the client-agent relationship, and the process as a whole.

The sentiment of "home" is a powerful and universal concept. A pen and ink rendering of my childhood home is displayed in our conference room. The presence of this artwork serves as a constant reminder of the emotional depth and significance that each real estate transaction holds for our clients. It keeps us connected to the core meaning of our work, beyond the logistics and paperwork.

This connection and unique insight are what differentiates Gallant Real Estate from other agencies. Each purchase or sale represents a life-changing event for our clients. It’s a privilege for us to be an integral part of these events and to make a positive; effective; and significant impact on our clients’ lives.

We would be delighted to assist you with your specific real estate needs.

Many thanks for considering our services.

Kathy Gallant
Bowdoinham Resident since 1995
Local Real Estate Advisor since 2000

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Kathy Gallant