Northern Carding Machine Public Land

Welcome to the Northern Carding Machine Public Land!

This public land is crosscut by some of the prettiest parts of the upper Abagadasset river. Crossing the bridge on the northern part of Carding Machine Road only gives a small taste of what you are in for with the river section in this land. Although trails are hard to find, walking along the river is not too difficult, and it allows for one to enjoy the beauty of the land without having to trek through the woods. The wooded portion of this land ranges from thinly to densely forested. Like much of the public land in Bowdoinham, this land is prime for adventuring, exploring, birding, and tracking. Be sure to stay clear of private property when entering this section of public land. 

Hours: None – Always Open to The Public

Parking: There is a section of Carding Machine Rd. after the bridge over the Abagadasset that juts out and allows for a car to park without getting close to the way of traffic.

Activities: Summer/Spring/Fall – Hiking, Exploring, Bird Watching

Winter – Snowshoeing, Exploring

Don't Miss: 

  • Small waterfalls along the Abagadasset as it flows South
  • Small trails along the river exhibiting beautiful rock structures
  • Interesting geometric foresting

Good to Know:

  • Trails were once marked on this land in 2008, but have not since been maintained or mapped, so following trails will only take you so far before a dead end
  • Be sure to avoid private property, or seek permission to cross private land before visiting
  • Parts of the Abagadasset get muddy so bring boots if that is how you want to explore the land
  • Depending on the season, this land can be the perfect environment for ticks. Be mindful of this and be sure to do a tick-check after visiting!

Directions to Northern Carding Machine Public Land

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