South Pork Point Public Land

Welcome to the South Pork Point Public Land!

This public land can be accessed by a small corridor of forest located along Pork Point Rd, just north of Billington Ln. Although best accessed when the ground is frozen, this land proves a great spot for hikers in tall boots to track game, spot birds, or make their way to the Abagadasset. Although this section of public land is marshy due to the tidal section of the Abagadasset River and poor drainage, is an important habitat for many wading birds and waterfowl. 

Hours: None – Always Open to The Public

Parking: Parking along the side of Pork Point Rd. is possible, as long as the shoulder allows you to fit your car completely out of the driving lane. Be sure to stay off of private land when parking and making your way over.

Activities: This patch of public land is an important habitat for wading birds and waterfowl species. As such, if a birder is willing to get muddy, they will enjoy themselves. Explorers or hunter/trackers will need to be aware of the conditions as standing water can create large, deep mud patches. Access to the Abagadasset is best at high tide. 

Good to Know: 

  • Stable terrain, but lots of muddy patches during warmer months
  • Ground conditions changes based on tide and precipitation
  • Important bird habitat
  • Tough to access, but beautiful land once passed the narrow entry along the road

Open fires and camping are not permitted at this location.

Directions to South Pork Point Public Land

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