MSAD 75 Board CIA (Curriculum Instruction Assessment) Committee meeting

Event Location

Mt. Arararat High School Rm. 88

M.S.A.D. No 75 Board of Directors 

CIA Committee

February 8, 2024, meeting agenda

ISSUED:                  February 2, 2024 {issue date}


TO:                             Curriculum Instruction Assessment Committee:

Mary Hobson, Chair 2023-24

                                                Brandy Robertson

                                                Frank Wright 

                                                Gregory Greenleaf   

                                                Haley Kulas

                                                James Moulton

                                                River Khoriaty {added to CIA Committee 1-25-24, 

      following Hutson Hayward’s withdrawal from the Committee}


FROM:                     District Office


TOPIC:                     Meeting – Board CIA Committee



                   √√√    Thursday, February 8, 2024

                   √√√    5-6:20 p.m.  NOTE END TIME OF MEETING.

                   √√√    IN-PERSON MEETING AT 



{1}      STEM presentation (including virtual reality, augmented reality and Artificial Intelligence) in our classrooms


{2}      Public comments