MSAD 75 Board of Directors Board Finance Committee Meeting

Event Location

Mt. Arararat High School Forum

M.S.A.D. No 75 Board of Directors 

Board Finance Committee meeting

February 5, 2024meeting agenda 

ISSUED:                  January 31, 2024


TO:                             Finance Committee:                     


                                                Amy Spelke, Chair of Finance Committee      

                                                Brandy Robertson

                                                Hutson Hayward

                                                Ryan Larsen

                                                Frank Wright


FROM:                     District Office


TOPIC:                     Board Finance Committee meeting

                                    MONDAY, February 5, 2024

                                    6-7:30 p.m.

Note location of this meeting. 


Forum – Mt. Ararat High School 





                      {1}       Follow-up from January 9, 2024, budget presentations


                        {2}      Presentation on Food Services draft budget


                        {3}      Presentation on Adult Education draft budget


                        {4}      Presentation on Instruction and Technology draft budget


                        {5}      Public comment