News and Updates

06/12/2024 : See below for the latest rules for usage of the town docks and launching ramp.
06/05/2024 : We want to hear from you!This year we hosted town meeting on a Saturday morning instead of a Wednesday evening. Which do you prefer? 
06/04/2024 : See below for hiring events, job openings, training opportunities, and other information.
05/30/2024 : The Library will be opening at noon on Saturday June 1st closing at 2 pm due to Town Meeting. 
05/24/2024 : View Jeremey Cluchey and Town Manager, Nicole Briand as they discussed and overview of 2024 Town Meeting Warrant. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oWkHfxC8QuE
05/23/2024 : If you recently lost a change purse, please contact the Town Office. You will need to be able to describe the purse and contents. 
Richard Morin
05/15/2024 : This year's Town Report is respectfully dedicated to Richard F. Morin, who passed away December 29, 2023. 
05/10/2024 : BWD will be flushing hydrants May 13th-15th