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06/11/2019: Location: 11 School Street, Bowdoinham Polls Closed Bowdoinham Results: MSAD #75 District Budget Referendum Election Results
05/30/2019: Residents in the ConnectME Infrastructure Grant area will be receiving postcards asking for their support.  To achieve the maximum scoring for the ConnectME grant we need to demonstrate that at least 85% of the 200 underserved addresses (170 addresses) support our grant application.   To show your support for the ConnectME grant application you can go to https://lcifiber.net/bowdoinham to fill out and submit the simple on-line Internet Support Survey. 
Service Map
05/09/2019: The Town will be partnering with Lincolnville Communications, Inc. (LCI) to apply for a ConnectME Infrastructure Grant this June in hopes of bringing high-speed internet to the unserved areas of Bowdoinham. To make our best case to win the highly competitive ConnectME grant, we need 85% of the homes/business located in the project area (green area) to sign onto the support letter for the project (either online at lcifiber.net/bowdoinham or at the Town Office).
05/08/2019: What is rabies? Rabies is a disease that is caused by a virus. It affects the brain and spinal cord and can cause death if left untreated.  Rabies in people is very rare in the United States, but rabies in animals - especially wildlife - is common in most parts of the country including Maine. An animal with rabies is called a “rabid” animal. How is rabies spread?
05/03/2019: The Town is currently seeking nominations for Citizen of the Year. This award is presented to the selected nominee at the annual Celebrate Bowdoinham event in September. The criteria for this award are as follows:   •  The Citizen of the Year award recipient shall be an outstanding individual recognized for their impact on the lives of Bowdoinham citizens, a special individual who shows dedication and spirit beyond what is considered regular duty.
04/19/2019: One new feature of this redesigned website is the Weekly Digest. This feature will send you an email once per week (on the weekend) and inform you of new events and meetings for the coming week. It also will provide you with any new posts on the website. To sign up to receive the Weekly Digest, go to the "Home" menu and click on "Signup for the Weekly Digest".  We hope you like this new feature!
03/12/2019: Advisory Committee on Aging – 6 members and 2 alternates Board of Appeals – 1 alternate member
03/08/2019: We gather Monday mornings from 9-12 to continue to make Merrymeeting Hall ready for use. All are welcome. Just stop by and take a look at what is going on. Though it will be unfinished, we would love to to have Merrymeeting Hall open in mid-late March.      To help out or inquire about using Merrymeeting Hall, please contact